Warmest greetings!

I’ve been wondering something lately: do you remember how different life was 10 years ago? Stop and think for a moment - go back before we ever heard of COVID-19 and all of the last few years’ changes and challenges. Before smart watches and fidget spinners. Before EV charging stations and the selfie stick. Before Venmo and Alexa. If you rewind your personal life clock, where were you? Was it your BC era? (Before children….!) The radical transformation of our own lives and the very world around us over the last 10 years is incredible to think about.

I remember 10 years ago, I was stationed at what is now Moriah’s desk, welcoming families to the brand new campus. What an exciting time in the life of MSD!! The move from University Drive to Pickett Road in 2012 was momentous and birthed so much of what we now know and love - the playgrounds, the classrooms, the multipurpose building, and yes - even car line. On this 10th anniversary of our Pickett Road campus, I want to take a moment to thank the many families and friends from our past whose generosity realized this campus and the dream of generations. Without their financial support, this beautiful, harmonious, and precious space would not be possible.

And what of the next 10 years? What progress can we make now, and what legacy can we leave for those who follow in our footsteps after our own children have moved on to (deep breath) high school and beyond? Our Annual Fund gives us an opportunity to invest today in advancing our campus and community. This year’s funds raised will go toward upgrading our campus in ways that align with our values and benefit all levels, including new security systems, solar panels, and additional financial aid.

At MSD, we don’t rely on bake sales, auctions, or phone-athons to raise this money. I respect that you are juggling a lot of demands on your time, attention, and resources, so I’m not going to ask you to sell candy or wallpaper to folks in your neighborhood or office. Instead, donations can be made on the MSD website or dropped off in person at the lock boxes located in the office and the exit driveway now through December. 

Our goal is to raise $60,000 this year, and we are already 35% there. I’ve made my donation and I hope you’ll join me with yours today. Together our generosity will make a measurable and lasting impact for our children and for those to come!

Wishing you abundant joy as this season unfolds, 


Lyn Dickinson, 

MSD Trustee, 2018-present

Admin Team, 2012-2017

Parent, 2011-2017


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