Summer Camp FAQs

What should we bring?

Each week your camper will need:

  • A healthy lunch and two to three snack items, each day. Please pack food accordingly, depending on your child’s eating habits and needs, and whether they leave at 3:00pm, 4:00pm, or 5:30pm. See below for more lunch and snack details.
  • Sun hat (optional), and personal, labeled bug repellent and sunscreen.
  • A full change of clothes, to be left at camp for the week. If your child uses these items, please bring replacements the next day. Make sure your child is dressed in comfortable play clothes.
  • 4:00-5:30pm campers will also need a bathing suit, towel, and water shoes, to stay at camp all week. If any of these items get muddy, they will be sent home for a quick overnight wash.
  • Please label all belongings with your child’s name or initials.
  • Lunch and Snacks
    • All campers will bring their own lunches as well as a morning and afternoon snacks. If you opt for the Extended Hours option, please provide a third snack for late afternoon munchies.
    • Please label your child’s lunch box with their name. Since we will store lunch boxes inside, but not in the refrigerator, please use an ice pack to keep your child’s lunch cool, as necessary. Feel free to send milk in a thermos. However, we do not have the ability to heat up your child’s lunch.
    • We provide utensils, napkins, water, and cups.
    • Juice boxes, candy, gum, and soda are PROHIBITED at camp.
    • Children do not share food from their lunches or snacks with each other; this protects children’s food sensitivities and promotes good hygiene. All information about food allergies should be indicated in the emergency information form you complete during registration.
    • We will often prepare and share food as an additional treat. Please make sure to fill out the emergency information form with as much information as possible regarding food sensitivities, allergies, and/or food preferences (example: vegetarian, vegan, no dyes, sugars, etc.).

What are your drop-off and pick-up procedures?

More information about student health screening upon arrival, drop-off procedures, and pick-up procedures, adjusted due to COVID-19, will be communicated with families prior to their camp start date.

What if my child becomes sick at Summer Camp?

COVID-19 procedures for Summer Camp are in line with our school year procedures. If staff determines that your child is too sick to continue to participate in activities, you will be notified immediately, and you will be responsible for picking up your child within a reasonable period of time.

When can my child come back to Summer Camp after being ill?

COVID-19 procedures for Summer Camp are in line with our school year procedures. Before returning to Summer Camp, your child must be naturally free of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for 24 hours. Your child must also remain at home until 24 hours have elapsed since the first dose of prescribed medication, and/or until the results of a throat culture are known.

What if my child needs medication during the day?

If your child needs any  form of medication during the day, including cough drops or ‘natural’ and/or prescribed medication, you will need to fill out the Permission to Administer Medication form in the office, and leave the medication and form with a administrative staff member. Absolutely no medications should be put in your child’s lunch box. Please provide only those doses that are needed during the day, and keep evening doses at home.

What happens if my child is involved in an accident?

Minor accidents receive the prompt and careful attention of staff members who are trained in First Aid and CPR. In the event of a serious accident, parents (or your Emergency contacts) are notified at once. In cases of emergency, a staff member will call 911 to dispatch an ambulance, and parents (or your Emergency contacts) will be notified immediately.

How do you handle discipline?

If inappropriate behavior or a conflict occurs, children are reminded to be respectful towards themselves, toward others, and with their environment. An instructor will guide the child(ren) through the conflict resolution process using calm, neutral, and factual language, and may offer quiet time away from the group as necessary. If conflicts recur, parents are notified and consulted in working together toward a positive resolution.

How do you handle hitting or biting?

If a child physically endangers themself, other children, or staff members, they will be removed from the situation and may shadow the instructor or be given quiet time away from the group. Parents will be notified of the situation so that we may work together towards a positive resolution. MSD reserves the right to ask a camper not to return due to behavioral problems, and camp fees are forfeited.

What is a Dismissal Authorization?

You will be prompted to list Dismissal Authorization contacts when creating an Ultracamp account to register for camps. The Dismissal Authorization list is a list of friends, relatives, and/or caregivers who have your permission to pick up your child on a standing basis. We will not release your child to anyone for whom we do not have your written authorization, so please keep this information current with the office. We will check the identification of individuals on your Dismissal Authorization list when it is the first time they are picking up your child.

What if my child is going home with someone just for the day?

If your child will be going home with someone not listed on your dismissal list (a friend from camp, perhaps) please provide the Summer Camp director or the office with a dated, signed note that morning, specifying who will pick up your child.