Parent-Child Montessori Class

MSD will host Parent/Child Montessori classes open to the community, led by Beth Omane-Barber, a Montessori certified Infant & Toddler teacher.  These classes are an opportunity for you and your child to experience time together in a prepared Montessori classroom.  Materials are geared to encourage your child’s sense of discovery, independence, and self-reliance. In order to register, your child must be between the ages of 15-36 months as of September 1, 2022. 

Families will sign up for the six sessions held from 9:00 - 10:30 am each Monday, September 26th through October 31st. There will be a virtual orientation on Friday, September 23rd. (Time is TBD). The cost is $400 for 6 sessions. The environment is guided by a Montessori-trained teacher who acts as the facilitator of learning and play and provides information to help the adult experience and understand the child's growth and development. 

Register for the 6-week Parent-Child Montessori Class

Parent/caregiver’s role: The role of the parent or caregiver in class is to observe, support, and encourage the natural development of their child.

Child’s role: The role of the child is to PLAY. They can pursue their interest by choosing a subject area, and spend as much time as they please doing the activities. 

What happens during the 90 minutes of class time? 

  • Exploration of the Prepared Environment

  • Social interactions

  • Montessori Lessons

  • Self-served snack

  • Circle Time 

  • Music and Movement

  • Playground Time

Payment: Please submit a $400 check made payable to "Montessori School of Durham", with a note in the memo line for "Parent-Child Montessori Class" to the MSD office when you have submitted your registration.

About Beth Omane-Barber

Beth Barber

Beth has spent over twenty years in the classroom, guiding toddlers and their families in various Montessori communities. She has a passion for creating peaceful environments and supporting families at home. In 2016, she created Homeschool Guide, LLC. to serve families and preschools, in North Carolina. 

Beth holds credentials at the 0-3 level from the Center for Montessori Education in New York, and received her B.S. degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at North Carolina Central University.

Beth currently serves as an instructor, field consultant, and practicum advisor with the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her family. In addition, she also enjoys traveling the world, cooking, and serving her community.