Lower Elementary Geography

Our Elementary program continues the emphasis of Montessori principles, including the multi-aged classroom. Our Lower Elementary is comprised of students in grades 1-3 and our Upper Elementary is grades 4-6.

Grades 1-6: Monday-Friday, 8:20 am – 3:00 pm

Lower Elementary children, Grades 1-3, are beginning to move from the concrete to the abstract, and their minds are beginning to develop curiosity about time, relationships, and the variety and origins of The World. These children mature to take responsibility for their weekly work plan and build time-management and resource skills. While traditional academic studies are individually adjusted to each student’s proficiency, all students get daily exercises in spelling, math, handwriting, grammar and reading in addition to weekly intensive lessons in Music, Spanish, and Art.

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Upper Elementary children, Grades 4-6, receive advanced work in mathematics, history and cultural studies, geography, natural science, writing, literature, foreign language, arts, and music that build naturally from the Lower Elementary years. Assignments at this level often include a wider range of creative choices in how to present material, furthering the student’s capability as a self-directed learner, an attribute Montessori children carry with them throughout life. Social mores and rituals are of increasing interest to the preadolescent; this part of the curriculum and an expectation of community service affirm the sense of social interdependence emerging at this age. Students collectively create a respectful, self-reliant community. Sixth grade culminates in a year-long research project of the student's choice, using resources from their field trip to Washington D.C.

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