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Affinity Groups

Affinity Group work provides a safe space for all participants to identify salient issues and common concerns through dialogue, using our individual voices to bring about affirmation, fellowship, connection, and empowerment.  Some common goals of affinity groups include:

–  discussing issues related to racial/ethnic/cultural identity development;
–  providing a safe environment where people who share a racial/ethnic/cultural identity can come together for building community, fellowships, and empowerment;
–  providing families with an opportunity to discuss feelings, concerns, and issues of cultural heritage, race/ethnicity and racism in a safe space;
–  offering underrepresented people in a community a safe space to come together to feel less isolated and more connected and affirmed, to build strength, pride, and resilience;
–  building on parents’ pre-existing knowledge regarding issues and experience with race and racism and help parents foster a positive social identity for children;
–  enhancing the collaborative efforts between different groups in order to create equity for all.
Goals courtesy of National Association of Independent Schools


Currently, MCHD Affinity Groups include:

  • Families of International Origins,
  • Families with Diverse Structures,
  • LGBTQ Families and Allies,
  • Parents of African-American or Multiracial Children,
  • Parents for Social Justice,
  • Parents of Children with Allergies, and
  • Neurodiverse Families.  
We anticipate developing more Affinity Groups in the future with parent support.