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Tuition and Financial Aid



Application Fee: $100
This fee is payable online at the end of your application process.

Acceptance Fee: $1500

The Acceptance Fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment due when a student accepts an offer of admission. The Acceptance Fee is discounted to $750 for siblings, if the first child enrolled at MSD is still at MSD or if the first child has graduated from 6th grade at MSD, and so long as the parents’ account with the school is in good standing. The Initial Acceptance Fee for the 3-day Toddler class is $750. The second and final installment of $750 is due when your child subsequently enrolls in a 5-day program (for instance, as an Early Childhood student).


Tuition for Academic Programs

The ranges listed below reflect financial aid awards and the different costs per level for the 2020-2021 school year. Tuition may be paid annually, semiannually, or in 10 monthly payments due July 1 through April 1. Semiannual and monthly payment plans include a 2%-4% carrying charge.
3-day Toddler: $2020 - $8040
5-day (Morning-Only) Toddler: $6715 - $13,430
5-day (All-Day) Toddler: $9210 - $21,820
* This range reflects financial aid and the difference in cost between a 3pm and 5:30pm pickup time.
Early Childhood: $6040 - $12,080
Kindergarten: $8575 - $17,150
Elementary School: $9320 - $18,640


Extended Care

After School Care Fee: $960 - $8390 annually
After school care is available through 6:00pm for children enrolled in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, and Elementary levels. Annual costs depend on the age level, number of days per week and hours per day selected.  For instance, $960 is the cost for care between 3:00 and 4:00 two days a week for a Kindergarten or Elementary student, and $8390 is the cost for care between 12:00 and 6:00 five days a week for a child in the Early Childhood program.
Before School Care Fee: $740 annually*
This fee is for care beginning from 7:45 a.m. for all 5-day programs.
* 3-day Toddler Before School Care is $440 annually.

Additional Programs

MSD offers Enrichment Programs after school, No-School Camp during Teacher Workdays and Spring Break, and Summer Camp. Each of these options are available at an additional cost.  See corresponding tabs under "Programs" menu for more information.  

How to Apply for Financial Aid

MSD encourages all families to apply for financial aid. In the last three years, MSD has doubled the Financial Aid funds available to families. 

Applicants’ information is processed and standardized by Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS), so that we can make equitable comparisons of need.  We encourage you to fill out the TADS forms online, as this speeds the process. Go to There is an Application Wizard to help you, and additional help at and toll-free at 1-800-884-8237. If you would like a paper application, call TADS at 1-800-477-8237.

There is a fee ($34) payable to TADS to apply; if paying by check, make it payable and send directly to TADS. If you are made and accept a financial aid award, the fee will be refunded by MSD after enrollment.

TADS will require that you submit to them some supporting documentation: copies of your most recent W-2 and/or 1099, most recent paystub, most recent federal tax return, most recent corporate tax return, if applicable, and documentation of all other sources of income, such as social security income (see the website or application for further details). These can be faxed to TADS at (612) 548-3326, or mailed.

MSD’s School ID: DU330210000

School name: MONTE School City: DURHA

If you are applying for a Toddler (18 months – 3 years old) child in the 5-day (morning-only OR all-day) class, please enter grade as grade 7, NOT Preschool. If you are applying for the 3-day Toddler class, you should only check the box for “3-day attendance;” you will not need to enter a grade level.

Enter each child who attends MSD using our school code, as well as children for whom you pay tuition at another school or college, all on one application (see directions for Section 22). Enter ID# 99999 for children who attend another non-public school.

You can order an optional Parent Report for $8.00 after completing your application, which merely summarizes the information you gave to TADS. The same information, however, is available for free online.

All award decisions are made by MSD. You will receive notice about your award from MSD, not TADS.

In cases where divorced, separated, or never married parents are both contributing to the support of the child, both must fill in an application, or fill it in jointly. If tuition is paid all or in part by someone else (e.g. grandparent), these payments MUST be reported on the application in the section for Contributions in Education.

Deadlines to submit complete TADS application:

January 13: Current families

January 17: Prospective families wishing to be considered in the first round of admissions

Later financial aid applications can be accepted with later admissions applications.  


Deadlines to submit complete TADS application:

January 13, 2020:
Current families
January 17, 2020: Prospective families wishing to be considered in the first round of admissions
Later financial aid applications can be accepted with later admissions applications. Offers of financial aid are made with offers of admission. Financial aid applications received after a child is enrolled will not be considered as the existing contract is binding. Current families are encouraged to apply for financial aid every year prior to re-enrollment.
Montessori School of Durham does not discriminate in awarding financial assistance on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, or national or ethnic origin.