Montessori School of Durham

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The Student Experience

If a school is all about students, why do we only hear adult perspectives?  You can talk to the Head of School, teachers, and other parents to learn more.  But how can you really know what MSD is like for the children who inhabit the space?  
Ask them.  They'll know just how to tell you.
In the videos below, you can follow Mia and Roman, Upper Elementary students (now alum), as they describe their years at MCHD [now Montessori School of Durham] from their own experience and perspective.  Coupled with images and video from current classroom settings, these will give you a pretty good idea of what MSD holds in store for your child.      
What about Toddlers?
You may notice that these videos don't feature Toddlers.  We believe that children 3 and up can more easily handle the presence of unfamiliar adults (like a camera operator) accompanied by their teachers.  Out of respect for the needs of those in the Toddler community, we do not impose on their space.  
The same is true for classroom observations - while you may sit in Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms, at the Toddler level, you observe via two-way glass in an observation room.  This protects their comfort and ensures that you have an authentic experience. 
You can still learn more about our Toddler program by exploring our Toddler page (under programs) or scheduling a visit at your next convenience.