Remote Learning & Hybrid Learning

In order to facilitate learning with students that may be at home for a period of time during this upcoming school year, we will outline guidelines below for “remote learning” and “hybrid learning.”  During Hybrid Learning or Remote Learning, Teachers will establish a communication and lesson delivery schedule and virtual office hours to support students and families.

Remote learning refers to a time when all of our students and staff are at home learning and working. At any point, it is possible the School may move to remote learning at the direction of the government or the Head of School.

Hybrid learning refers to a time when a few or some students are at home learning while the remainder of the community is on campus. We recognize that there are some families who are immunocompromised or may otherwise opt not to attend classes in person.

If you opt for your child to learn from home while the remainder of students are on campus, we will need to be notified in writing (email by 4pm the Tuesday before each week, and your child will be considered a hybrid learner for the upcoming week. If you opt for your child to be a hybrid learner, this will be for the entire upcoming week. If your plan is to choose hybrid learning for an extended period of time, please let Natalie know your plan. This will inform our teachers of what hybrid learning materials they will provide.

In order for a student to return to on-campus learning, a family will contact Natalie ( as they are considering their child's return to campus. Teachers and administrators will consult to determine the best date at which the child could have a smooth transition back to on-campus learning, which may be in coordination with another hybrid student's return. This will allow time to gather the necessary administrative return paperwork and plan a transition point with an orientation period as the child acclimates after many months away from "in-person" school. This also allows our teachers and specialists time to shift their focus from digitizing lessons and gathering take home materials for your child to preparing the
classroom environment for your child's return.

If your child or a family member is diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or your family is isolating/quarantining at home, you will be in touch with the administrative office to notify of that information and we will begin sharing hybrid learning materials as needed and as we are able, for the period that the child is out of the classroom.

Campus Access:

Depending on the situation that dictates remote or hybrid learning, we will assess MSD family access to campus for pick-up of educational materials/supplies. 

It is important to us that we maintain a feeling of connectedness through this process. We will be in regular contact in a variety of ways and continued communication between teachers and families is assured.

Learning from a Montessori Perspective

When embarking on a time of learning from home, our aim is to create a Montessori-based framework that serves our students and supports parents as we all adapt to a different daily routine. It is important to us that the children’s activity during this time be enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging, and rewarding.

Our goal is to work in collaboration with families to keep alive the culture of learning that is unique to Montessori and provide families with support and activities that match the developmental needs and characteristics of each child in our community.

For more information regarding remote learning and hybrid learning by level, check out the following guides:

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