School Updates re COVID-19

MSD is committed to protecting the wellbeing of our community, remaining true to our mission and Montessori values, and cultivating a culture of belonging. This page is a resource for current families and prospective families to better understand our procedures during the pandemic. The administrative team is happy to field any questions you may have.

As a staff of around 30, we represent a small percentage of the MSD community, so parents, we need your help! Because we are such a close-knit community, we cannot do it without your support. To that end, we are asking MSD Families to commit to the following actions so we are all working as a team to keep each other healthy. We have the great fortune of being a responsive, dedicated, and caring community of families and teachers. By following these precautions together, we can decrease the chance of possible transmission.

In Public Spaces, including work, all members of my household commit to the following:

  • Increased distancing
  • Minimizing close contact conversations to less than 10-15 minutes
  • Masks worn when distancing measures not available
  • Monitoring for symptoms
  • Hand sanitation after contact with high touch surfaces
  • Hand washing during or after public activities

At home, all members of my household commit to the following:

  • Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Teach and model proper hand washing techniques to your child
  • Teach and model proper wearing of masks to your child
  • Promote awareness and help your child identify when hand washing might be necessary
  • Reporting to school when there is a confirmed case in our family

We appreciate your family's support in this way.


COVID has added stress to all our lives.  In order to help minimize the impact on our children, you may find the following resources helpful: