Board of Trustees

The members of our governing board include local business men and women, current and former Montessori School of Durham school parents, selected teachers and administrators and community advocates. Each brings a unique and special perspective to their role. Our Board of Trustees participates in development and long range planning for the school.

A picture of Board President, Dalia Mack.

Dalia Mack


A picture of Early Childhood Teacher, Betsy Evans.

Betsy Evans

Faculty Representative

A picture of Board Member, Tyler Curtis.

Tyler Curtis

Finance Comm. Chair

A picture of Board Member, Colin Dwan.

Colin Dwan

Devel. Comm. Representative

A picture of Tammy Squires, Head of School.

Tammy Squires

Ex Officio, Head of School

A picture of Board Member, Julie Barnes.

Julie Barnes

Diversity Committee Co-Chair

A picture of Board Member, Michele Burgess.

Michele Burgess

Devel. Comm. Representative

Doug Strasnick, Board Member

Doug Strasnick

Board Member

A picture of Johanna King, Director of Elementary Education and Community Engagement.

Johanna King

Ex Officio, Dir. of Elem. Education

A picture of Board Member, Lyn Dickinson.

Lyn Dickinson

Devel. Comm. Chair, Former Faculty

A picture of Board Member, Cece Fortune-Greeley.

Cece Fortune-Greeley

Founding Member, Former Faculty, Trustees Comm. Chair